Why Choose Fix My Apple?

Fix My Apple is the most trusted name for Third party Apple repairs, Authorized Apple Service Centres are trustable but charge a huge amount even for the smallest problem, Whereas we offer the same expert service for repair with our highly trained engineers and Genuine Apple parts at a very reasonable price. We also understand how important a laptop is to a person so we take upmost care on timing and we make efforts to repair and deliver the laptops back to customers in 24 hrs.

Three Friends HARY, TOM and SAM had problem in their Apple Laptops they all tried different ways to get there laptops repaired.


HARY was the smart guy he called “ FIXMYAPPLE ” , they came to his home picked his laptop and fixed it and delivered it back to his home and all in no time and reasonable cost.


SAM went to a local computer shop near his home and gave him his laptop for repair and was told to come back in 2 days , When he came back in 2 days his laptop was In worst condition and could not be repaired.


TOM went to the authorized service centre and gave his Laptop and was told to come back in 4-5 days , He came back in 5 days and got his laptop working fine but emptied his pockets , they Charges him so high that it was almost his 1 month salary.